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  • Yah know, it occurs to me that if you wanted to just do some test-drive blogging, there's a section to do that here your profile page. You could always take content wr...
  • Started by Heidi Lee Munson
    The group was so helpful with feedback on my query I thought I'd bounce my synopsis wi...nters, electricians, and other random repairmen will unwittingly help her to remodel her home. In a rather ordina...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    Dr. Hauschka says “Beautiful skin isn’t always healthy – however, healthy skin is always beautiful.” Here are some skin care facts Dr. Hauschka’s team keeps in mind wh...
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    LEE E. CART posted a status
    Hello, I am brand new to this group and am eager to get to know you all.
  • Skeeter Buck posted a status
    Blogging is the matrix of the digital world platform. It connects those looking for information to those who have the information.  Blogging is a scheduled conversatio...
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    I wanted to share my experience in writing 1 novel and 3 non fiction books so far. I h...n my next book in the SHIFT series and the first novel in the BRIDGE series (a modern day Cupid and Psyche fairyt...


  • As a tech early adopter my husband's constantly had his smart phone and laptop out doing this kind of stuff for ages to build his techie profile, while I've been buryi...
  • Always, Brooke, thank you for your straight talk and keeping the ever-changing publishing business in perspective.  I'm brand new at this so I have nothing to whine ab...
  • Oh, I have been to these mucked up places in life so many times, but not with the thrill and excitement of a Brand New Book out on the shelves. Congratulations, Hope! I am really looking forward to reading it.