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    ...y offers similar products and services and similar quality. The companies that thrive...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...opular as time passes by, online branding is one of the strategies that...find a way to make an efficient branding that people will love. Web br...out of your business through web branding. You will be getting more att...u get real-time results from web branding as you target your audience....
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  • By RYCJ
    True, you don't have to be an Independent Publisher, to be Independently published. And truer, you want to have a well-planned book... i.e., from cover to content, along with the branding and your marketing campaign, to avoid carrying over stigmas. 
  • Started by Jo Michaels
    If you ever struggled with branding yourself or formatting an e-book, you'll appreciate this. I'm giving away a printed, signed copy of my book The Indie Author's Guide to: Building...
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  • Kristen Houghton posted a status
    ...budget, you may be better off purchasing your own. This will give you the benefits of your own publishing company’s brand on all book databases. Branding your books is crucial for any...


  • Great post, Maria! Not only have been sending hand-written thank-you's but also any short that might accompany my book or more recently for me, my ARCs I've even gone an extra step to use a custom note-paper to keep with my branding.
  • This is a terrifically useful post, Zetta. Although I had a career in marketing and branding, the ideas you raise here never occurred to me in terms of applying them to my writing career. Thank you, and bravo!
  • ...would've encouraged anyone to self-publish, with no caveats.  But now, it's harder to break in and sustain sales without knowing something about branding and marketing.  So I'm carefu...