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    Hope you enjoy these! Prose Poems Indecision A Wildflower lying in the desert unsure Should she look to the light of the sun and Reach for something new or… Dig dee...
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         The sunlight slowly flows through the seams of her beige colored curtains, the wind ever so gently pushes smells of the coming Fall through her open window.  The...
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  • Started by Michelle Maisto
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    There's a great story in today's New York Times about the the writer Roxana Robinson, and how she leaves her well-appointed office to sit in a sparse spare bedroom in...
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  • We all know the feeling--after months of hard work on a piece we are finally happy wit...e dark. And so it is those potential chandeliers, bare bulbs, ceiling fans, or modern swedish orbs that keep me s...
  • Ohhhh and Ahhhh-- what a gorgeous space, Adela! I love the brightness of it. Sigh. Lovely, lovely. I'm so glad you shared (I had no idea we could insert pictures in comments- I hope a few others share their spaces too!). Oh Elements-- yes, yes and of course, On Writing. The sacred tomes. 
  • What a lovely memory. My grandmother used to make us clothing when my siblings and I were small. There's a picture floating around out there of the three of us girls d...