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  • Started by Jenny Steffan important to ensure that you are logged into LIX and that your LIX browser extension is enabled. When you first log in to LIX, the application will detect the type of browser that you are using and give y...
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  • Started by Angels Rieger
    ...rter, or tunnel? / version: 1.3 / genres: Trivia / 2,8 of 5. IOSGods. iOS & Android Support, Tutorials. The New Chrome & Most Secure Web Browser.   Kinguin - global...
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  • ...p as a Contacts folder. What you will be getting from my website are address cards.) Then click on the individual file you want to download. Your browser will ask what you want to do...


  • To answer the question from Diana earlier here, I am using pocket to save articles I think will come in useful in research for later. I love the browser extension which allows me to just click a button in my address bar to save the article that I'm viewing.
  • ...I may have found the book for you although I'm not sure this is the exact copy you want to buy, I hope so :-) Just copy and paste link into your browser: http://productsearch.barnes...
  • Oh shoot—is today Monday? And here I am with my browser open, checking out Dooce and Huffington and SheWrites before MeWrites! I'll admit I'd forgotten my optimistic Friday a.m. pledge. Tuesday? No, wait, I'll start now. Or at 10:30. How'd you do?