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  • Started by Shelley Plett
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    I am new to and ran across this group while browsing. I have been divorced for six years and have two daughters. I look forward to reading your stories and and would love to contribute.
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  • ...ible titles, most of which have been used too often for me to be comfortable with them, and many of which have other problems. Recently I've been browsing through poetry, looking for a...
  • Started by Lara Whitmore
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    I've been browsing the discussion boards and I haven't seen a direct thread for inspiration. I've recently written an article on my website titled Ten Rea...
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  • ..., but singing their praises. Me, too. Every road trip I take, every new city I visit I go in search of independent bookstores where I spend hours browsing and can't remember a time I'v...
  • I moved away from the US last year, and one thing I miss is walking into a bookstore and browsing. The local bookstores have large stocks of books written in a language (Hebrew) that I...
  • Hi, Lynn, I've just spent some enjoyable time browsing your website.  Wow, you've done a terrific job with that!  So much to offer writers. Congratulations.  And thanks for letting us...