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    Metaverse is a new concept that is getting th...irst, however, you are offered the 3D models and characters along with e...e offered the effortless and cashless mode of making deals. People are o...ey into these assets. This is the modern era, and everything is gett...
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  • Hi Carol-- We had this topic come up earlier, so if you look back through the discussion, you should find the link and some good tips in there. I'd suggested that if y...
  • A.C. - yes, commenting on other people's blogs can really help, and I haven't spent as much time on that as I ought. Thanks for reminding me. Sarah - I think my blog...


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    Hello everyone. I am so glad I found this site. I am excited to build relationships with other women writers who will help influence my creativity and help me develop as a writer. It is my hope that I will one day be able to influence and help you in equal measure!
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    My mission is to help build bridges between tech-savvy kids and parents and, thus, build relationships of trust by covering different issues


  • Yeeeees, thank you for sharing! You state things so clearly that I can really nod too,...t my instincts as a paid writer (which have been set to "panic and desperation mode" for a few months) have been...
  • I would like to add my own two cents to this discussion. I think new offerings take time to build audience. There are a myriad number of reasons for this, not the leas...
  • o make it into a hard cardboard chunky book as well called “Today I am”.        The book “Never Ever Your Fault” houses the Educational program. Mapped out in biograph...