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    Metaverse is a new concept that is getting th...irst, however, you are offered the 3D models and characters along with e...e offered the effortless and cashless mode of making deals. People are o...ey into these assets. This is the modern era, and everything is gett...
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    I am struggling with how to structure my memoir. A brief synopsis: after a childhood of poverty, constantly being uprooted, and an abusive step-father, as a teenager I...
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  •   To get started I signed up for a three year writing course on line. This was an excellent decision on my part,It had been a few decades since I had sat in on an basi...


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    Lucinda Clark – Founder of the “Poetry Matters Project” BYBOOKBYBOOKPUBLICITYON SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 Lucinda Clark is the Founder of P.R.A. Publishing and the Poe...


  • Hi Ladies, I'm so thrilled at the number of comments. Thank you all so much for adding your voice to this conversation. I'm sorry I don't have enough time to address...
  • As a tech early adopter my husband's constantly had his smart phone and laptop out doing this kind of stuff for ages to build his techie profile, while I've been buryi...
  • Congratulations on your new book and on demonstrating what happens when you put your mind to a goal.Thank you for sharing real-life ways to get over the hurdles and ho...