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    ...pare minute, volunteer to manage this group. It needs a new manager, preferably someone enthusiastic and full of energy, or at least pumped up on caffeine! Write on, y'all!! Beth
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  • ...unately, since I used to be, well still am, because I JONES after it, a coffee lover.... I've had to give both it and tea up, not only due to the caffeine, but due to how it contribute...
  • Elisabeth,   Love that link!  Too much caffeine too late in the day gave me an opportunity to listen to this entertaining piece!  Thank you!    


  • (or just my pillow) smell like home, which makes relaxing and falling asleep much easier. And herbal tea bags so I don't have to overdose on caffeine. I also look at the schedule...
  • Katheleen-I have a love/hate relationship with caffeine. It makes me much more efficient, but it keeps me up at night, too. I sleep better when I don't drink it, but I'm cranky and exhausted by 4/5 p.m. I haven't found the right balance yet.
  • ...eview guide books. I have done one author signing in our local Starbucks and I found the same thing. The audience came in focused on getting that caffeine fix and did not want to avert...