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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...hildren's books are women, adding diversity to the field of children's literature. These authors have a remarkable talent for telling tales that captivate young readers' hearts and min...
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  • ...ed her mother and her father’s other wives by boldly striving to experience an exclusive love and a modern, free life—like the Western women who captivate her on the village’s only tel...
  • Started by Tahanee Roberts
    ...important and worth sharing then we wouldn't work so hard to get it published, right? My point exact! The ultimate goal for me as a writer is to captivate my readers and to get the mes...
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  • Excellent writing. You use images that captivate the reader ... not surprising because you are a fine poet. Loved the poem! Heart breaking and beautiful. Gerry
  • I'm completely captivated by the series... and few books captivate me. I read a lot, and I mean A LOT. Mystery books, however, are rarely my thing. But these books that you blame for boring you so,...