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  • The activity of writing Morning Pages is great for clearing a channel, but every time I try to read The Artist's Way I wind up being annoyed. Maybe I need more of a Bu...
  • To reply to both Kelly's and Nora's questions: Marketing my e-novel is an exercise in making it up as I go along! I've spent many evenings just searching the Interne...
  • Started by Dianne Baines
    Hi, I am new to this group,so I read a few of the postings first and got quite a few memories and giggles from the Kindergarten exploits. Been there done that, only tr...
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    I ate tooo much yesterday; the goal is exercise a little later ... maybe after some morning dressing! ENJOY your day... goal three miles ... something better than nothing for me today. Join me in moving the body!   Happy Shopping; stay safe.
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    Diet, exercise


  • Whew! Thanks, ladies! I knew I wasn't the only one struggling, but it's nice to get co...head and took me a weekend to write. Karen A. Wyle - It IS hard to shake edit mode, especially when you do it fo...
  • Oh, I loved that little exercise. I actually would have answered exactly the same way you did in your example, so you kind of did the work for me. ;-) Okay, I know, I...
  • I love the EL Doctorow comment, that's exactly how it feels. I try to avoid foggy white-outs though! I never work with an outline. Maybe some comments further ahead, something to aim for, but often I find this becomes constricting as the story shapes its own path. Might be an exercise to try ?