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    ...rpet cleaners These cleaners are great for carpets. They use warm water to...
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    ...many more. Another option you’ll like is see-through clothing, which is also called sheer fashion trend, and it’s used a lot for red carpets, athleisure, and even sportsw...
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    ...ere you’d never dream someone was thinking of killing someone else in the photo. And then there are the graphic crime scene pictures—blood-soaked carpets and mattresses—a body on the...
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  • ..., "in an exotic world reminiscent of The Arabian Nights" but then I thought it was cheating, since I don't have any magic lamps, genies or flying carpets in the book!


  • ...nnect with your team at any time.  HOWEVER, self-published authors MUST realize that they are the core promoters of their work.  There are no red carpets rolling out in front of you,...
  • ...all children.  She deals with the daily drama of kids that flood the bathroom, empty the fridge, ride the dog through the house, and paint on the carpets.  She handles most of it with...
  • ...eisurely rounds of the elementary school earlier in the month. Oh how we washed and cleaned and vacuumed! Hair and clothes and blankets and toys, carpets and mattresses and pillows. W...