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    Hi All, Sara suggested I put this question to the group.  Like many of you, apparentl...s, "Santa, Won't You Bring Me a Valentine?"   It's kind of in the "santa baby" mode. Wouldn't you know it - it ac...
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  • Today's post offers a brief profile of performance poet John Giorno and a video in which he reads. 
  • Self-publishing seems like so much more work. Trying to get attention for your book is as much work as actually writing it. Seems a publisher has more avenues and reso...


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  • I never had a book trailer for my 1st 2 books (they weren't around yet) but for the latest (an anthology I edited), I sought help, too. With a budget of $0 and the kin...
  • Hi everyone! *waving* I've been gone from here far too long but there are so many places to be! I promise I'll try to stop in more often. I write erotic romance with B...
  • Hi, Anne,Your post  got me going to the library and checking out Fred Vargas and Manotti and I loved them both. Also found Vargas's detective is on international  myst...