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    When you entered the world of celebrities, your life will not be normal anymore. It takes...
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  • Started by Sabrina Lamb
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    Hello Ladies,   When does satire/humor involving celebrities cross the line when appearing in a humorous piece? One writer told me that jokes are protected speech. One publisher said that they were afraid of being sued.   Your thoughts?   Thanks!   Sabrina
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  • Started by S. Diane Wellman
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    I'm writing my first novel.  In it, my two main characters end up on a well-known (in real life) reality TV competition.  I'm using the real-life name of the show, the...
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  • Started by Sherelle Wallace
    Hello Shewriters;   I need your help on this one ASAP!: When writing fiction short stories, what are the rules concerning celebrities as characters, including speaking...
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  • This week's LA Times hardcover bestsellers list: fifteen novels, two on the list by women. FIfteen nonfiction books, two by women--both celebrities. That's 13 percent...
  • Right on! I've been saying the same thing for years! But who am I? I'm a middle-aged fuddy-duddy. The media has made self-centeredness, insensitivity and rudenss cool....
  • Doesn't sound too off the wall to me, Penny -- no more so than romping with yaks to relax before a photo shoot. I suspect role playing would work well for some people,...