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    ...ated; you know the ‘butterfly effect’ which says that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Asia it creates a hurricane of the coast of Florida, on a cellular level. Every word you speak,...
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  • Jennet ... this is a fascination of mine also so I look forward to seeing your book. I'm slogging through the quantum physics and cellular biology stuff right now. Will check out your shutterfly stuff.


  • ...ct, she does online public school because of panic attacks. The more I learn about how abuse affects our brain chemistry and even our bodies at a cellular level, the more well, unsurpr...
  •;  sometimes a covenant in words, a sacred part of every culture; it is an everyday profession both the norm or the extraordinary but the very cellular reason for why I write is per...
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    ...ce I read her work. I just read Elke Babicki's 'Making Connections' and she mentions the sparkles in water and how our thoughts affect water at a cellular level and I see all those lov...