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    Dear Agent,Demanding operatic divas, naked Irishmen walking in their sleep, and honeymooners leaving remnants of unforgettable wedding nights are all part of the flamb...
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    Hi!   I'm brand spankin' new here and would love to make some new writing friends. Most of my writing shows up as poetry, which really baffled me when the first one po...
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    This is an email I received from It is a blog with great writers advice and resources such as editing services extra. Wanted to share wi...
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  • Laurie Levin posted a status
    After 25 years in Corporate America, I left to be part of an important solution, something always important to me. Sexism and racism were causes since childhood. Healt...
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    I write historical fiction for adults and teens. My book, THE PORTRAITIST, is coming out with She Writes Press in Fall, 2022. I'm also an Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach.


  • It's not as easy as it sounds, is it?! I'm a certified yoga instructer here in my hometown of Brenham, Texas. I love yoga; it's so good for everything! Wouldn't you ag...
  • The weight gain issue is why I simply avoided substitutes and replacements when I went GF. I skip bread completely (since GF bread is mostly A) not very tasty, and B)...
  • Melissa- CONGRATS on being such a superb parent! As the former coordinator of the children's grief and loss program at DE Hospice, Inc. I wouldn't have advised you any...