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  • Started by Shawn Lamb
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    When you write your story, or even when thinking about your character before so much a...ce being a Christian with writing believable characters that can serve as role models?   I've written several art...
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  • Started by Juliet Wilson
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    I've found in the past in short stories that characters sometimes go off on a tangent I would never have planned which has often really helped plot development! I'm n...
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  • I love character development, but just how far can a writer take things? We have to careful not to cross an invisible line into liable, but I don't live in a vacuum. I...
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  • Sarah Kennedy posted a status
    In Arising, Prophecy of Hope Book 1a single choice has left the entire world in chaos. Sgarrwrath comes bringing his Void into a world that has known only Light. The...
  • Sarah Kennedy posted a status
    Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit of my own story. Why do I write? I believe that moments of pain can be redeemed, that in the right hands they...
  • Chantal Walvoord posted a status
    Anthony Doerr's debut story collection, written before The Light We Cannot See, is an astounding collection. Often Doerr writes about disabled characters who can u...


  • Beautiful! So beautifully said! Thank you. As a journaling teacher for over three deca...hear our voices and words, drops us into a listening, reflective-contemplative mode wherein we are received. Rece...
  • I believe that part of the problem lies in the perception of the issue as a "block." I...ur subconscious, which happens more easily when the brain is in a more relaxed mode.
  • Erika
    I appreciate your writing process. Eight years ago, writing was my life, I was naive, idealistic and completely inexperienced. One of my favorite writers said I needed...