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    Military veteran and first-time novelist Matthew Robinson did not want to presume too...d finalist, includes interventions and interruptions by a skeptical, fictional model for a fictional character:...
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    No, it's not a novel, it's a memoir. Characters are not made up. Events actually happened, they are not contrived.
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    Hi Nancy, thank you so much for your message! Right now on a very early stage of writing my first draft of the second book, and I only wrote just several pages of it s...
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    I am working on a (second) memoir and it's taking forever. I attribute it to the length (much longer that the first), the content (much more serious) and the extensive...
  • Hi, Catherine! I apologize for the delay responding to your message. I've had a rough time with unexplained health conditions and I've been lying low. But, I'm trying...
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    I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose. – Stephen King
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    Author Nick Cook shares how his characters love food as much as he does in this week's #FoodFic : https://bookfare.blogspot.com/2018/11/foodfic-please-welcome-nick-cook-author.html
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    Just found out that the name I gave to one of my male characters was actually for female and meant "divine mother." Should I change his name?
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    A Trilogy with Romance and Suspense: Book Giveaway September 1 – 14! I will choose TEN WINNERS for this contest. The Winner will have a choice of an E-BOOK or an AUDIO...
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    NEED AN IDEA FOR YOUR NEXT NOVEL? Your book has been published, the publicity links have been made, and royalties are beginning to arrive as you breath...