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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    Most people always get so many fears while finding a real estate agent online, but you can find the best one only after considering some of the points. There are many c...
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  • ...the stories she took. Jeanne took risks. She was a fan of unusual stories, a friend to the weird. The stories you’ll find here, “Youthful Acts of Charity” and “Bound by Love and Blood...
  • Started by Lynelle Clark
    ...riting and what is it about? I’m writing Blood Master, the final part of Immortal Blood Series, but I’m also writing couple of short stories to a charity book. 4. Why this particular...
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  • a curse. I am about to be published, and understand that I must begin to reach out more on social media, so you are a first. Hello! from Mary Charity K.S.
  • ...Jane Friedman's Publishing 101, which gives lots of specific direction. Thanks for your help on what agents may ask for in the near future. Mary Charity K. Stein
  • to answer for its murder of my life. A reader suggested it would make a good stage play and that is now simmering as an intention. It is the 'charity shop' option, to re-cycle wha...