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  • Housework is first to go, quickly followed by watching over the dinner (writing mode equals burnt dinners in my house), with Very Bad Parenting running close behind. Oh life is so much easier when I'm writing! Nothing really matters then except the next word falling on the page!
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    Hack Mod Cheats Glitch Scavenger     Creators Peter Skogvold Scavenger...i relly like the game. but being a casual gammer i woud relly like a slower mode. its perfeckt for you get gut...
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  • I'm new here and enjoyed reading through the discussion from last summer. Too late to add? My dad was an English Professor at UNC. He was a linguist and grammarian. On...


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    Guest Kathryn Gauci uses #FoodFic to "portray the difference between the glittering dinner parties of the German elite and the French people who were barely able to sustain themselves":
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    Love a lady who's not afraid to get her hands dinner. #FoodFic
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    #FoodFic Friday guest Sheryl Steines shares her thoughts on"Realism, Make Believe and Deciding What They’ll Eat for Dinner":


  • I don't read by pub dates but if we're limiting this list to books published 2009, I recommend: Jumped by Rita Williams Garcia Map of Home by Randa Jarrar Liar by J...
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    Thanks, Regina, for your comments. Isn't that urge funny? I used to be a little self-conscious about whipping out a napkin and pen in the middle of dinner with friends. But now they're used to it.  I think I've heard of that site; I'll go check it out. Glad that you are motivated!
  • Hello all, I just want to say that I had the great good fortune to be a resident at Hedgebrook a few years ago and it was the single most heavenly writing experience I...