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    When thinking about choosing the best water bottle for promotional items, keep in...
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    ...for your body's skin. Any type of massage of the skin increases blood flow and...
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    The "original" Wordsmith's corner is hosted on AIMOO forums and promotes all things...
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    Are you from Catalonia or Spain? Are your books based on this places and you need help?...
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    I started this group to link She Writes members through Twitter. Once you join, just...
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    If shaving your back is a priority, then you should be ab...injuries, keep a cloth or...
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    Drop by Bridgetown Buzz to check out what's happening on the writing front in Portland,...
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    No matter your location right now, owning your own home must be your top priority,...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    When it comes to buying weed, users have more options to shop online than the local di...are comfortable with, and they enjoy doing because they won’t make use of any mode of transportation. Additio...
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  • I just finished line edits, so I am in editing mode.  I spruced it up a bit (I think).  But, since you know the whole story, you will know if a word is not quite right....  Anyway, hope it h...
  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    Do you want to make the process of shopping easier for you?...their behavior with bank good.  Most accepted mode Yes, without any doubt, a credit card is the most accepted mode on any online website. If you...
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    ATTENTION 'WANNA BE' AND 'ALREADY AM' WRITERS She Writes is an incredibly diverse resource for any woman wanting to be in anyway active in writing at any level! Check it out!
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    Transfering things from my old blog to my new Wordpress blog. Check it out:
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    Hey, more common ground. Now we colleagues at She Writes. Check my latest articles.


  • You are a shot in the arm today for me as I have been in "promotion mode" since June 25 when my memoir (Re)Making...
  • Whew! Thanks, ladies! I knew I wasn't the only one struggling, but it's nice to get co...head and took me a weekend to write. Karen A. Wyle - It IS hard to shake edit mode, especially when you do it fo...
  • Emily, I'd be happy to do a guest post on any of those dates. Check out my blog at and let me know if you think we'd be a good match.