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  • ...draining, but when it was done, it was done. I would spend however much time I needed to regroup afterward. I watched a lot of comedy, binged on chocolate, and cried. I cried a lot. Kn...
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    ...nsfer to the new site. I'm finally here now, and hope to connect with each of you and forge relationships. I write non-fiction and specialize in chocolate travel. You'll find me at htt...
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  • Bundled-up in stroller, eating chocolate heart.


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    Heidi posted a status
    I'm a hula hooping, chocolate crazed, wine tossing, giggle box who is OBSESSED with cupcakes and bee-bopping around this crazy world.


  • I LOVE your recommendations! I think I will try the chocolate idea when I have my next book launch, because an artisanal chocolatier is next door to a bookstore I love. For my last...
  • Seems this is a good lesson in finding something in your book that has a wide appeal for small touches, like a chocolate or cocktail tie-in. Thanks for sharing.
  • ...all 'priceless'!  Supportive, nurturing, encouraging... everything a would-be writer needs to succeed. Well, that and copious amounts of coffee, chocolate and wine. Writers are born, n...