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  • OOOh, but what about what starts out warm and fuzzy turns out to have clear outlines, sharp teeth, and razor claws?
  • The only existing picture of Mom's 'kitchen' in the quonset. Behind her are The Shelves.   Our popping bolt friends announced the rising of the sun and we found we di...
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  • Meryl, I have been feeling that way myself. The flip side to letter writing becoming a lost art is that we don't know how to read either. I've been dealing with a comm...


  • Lisa Wines commented on Jayne Martin's article Choose Faith
    I think, while I was reading it, I first put myself in the little claws of the baby birds and got all scared and paralyzed. But when I read "...they embrace her faith." I felt brave because someone else had faith in me. :-) And you're most welcome.
  • Excellent post. I clipped the questions and will keep it in front of me when I work on stories. Thank you.
  • Know the feeling, my daughter's cat comes up and taps me on the face with its soft paw (no claws), never had a cat do that before, not sure which is worse, the meow or the face tapping, if I don't respond, it puts its paws under the covers at the end of the bed, now with claws and goes for my toes!