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  • There are no stupid questions as they say. In Blogger when you are in the editing mode, click on layout. Then click...
  • Started by Julie Isaac
    Hello Ladies, I am so looking forward to this class starting so I can relax a bit. This last week has been crazy! I've been trying out several new promotional techniq...
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  • Started by Lisa Powell
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    Is anyone else having trouble getting to Paypal through SheWrites? My submission is ready to go, and I am trying to pay the contest fee. I can't seem to click through...
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  • Pamela Michelle Mathis posted a status
    Hook: The line that makes you stop and read… God Does Not Live on Earth Story: The why am I writing you… Those things hidden will become known. So, what are you hid...
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    Find your next favorite romance among the FREE romance novels. Click on the covers of the books you want, sign up to learn a little more about the authors, and start r...


  • Thanks so much for taking a look and for your positive feedback! I'd love to take a look at some of your favorite book trailers since I am always in click-through to the inspiration matrix....!
  • I did experiment with click through advertising, but as you say, it is hard to measure "bang for your buck." I tried GoogleAds and Facebook, as well as an ad on a Quak...
  • I would like to comment on #1: Self Promotion. Today I posted on the General Members News with a recent poem that got published. I read a few under me. I clicked on a...