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    I don't normally go off on a soapbox. But  I cannot keep my voice silent over this iss...truth, no need for programs to rehabilitate and restore, no further growth of modern day slavery. 28 VOICES exis...
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  • Ashely thanks for your thoughts...I do feel odd even trying it on my own. I think I could collaborate really well with someone who knows more about screenwriting... A...
  • is my site. I have been a freelance advocate for 12 years. If you google my name Rose E. Grier there is a lot to see. I would love to collaborate with someone. I have created an award winning educational program for teens, It is pretty comprehensive.


  • Kamy, Happy Birthday! I made a donation in honor of your birthday. Thank you for creating this wonderful place for women writers to gather, celebrate and collaborate. I am a new member but I have already met some terrific writers and friends.
  • I want to collaborate with another writer who shares a similar dream or mission. I'm writing a book of Yoga Life Lessons to empower others to be the change they wish to see in the world.
  • @Alonna Well said! And, yes I would love to hear from agents as well to see how this sits with them! Getting out of our houses and into the world to chat and collaborate makes a huge difference in my life for sure!