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    Hi all!  I"m looking for more short story collections.  They've become my new favorite read and here are the ones I've read.  What collections have you read? Do you ha...
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  • I love reading essays by Brenda Miller. She has a couple of collections. One is called "Season of the Body" and the other is "Blessing of the Animals."
  • Kelli, I have been in abstentia for a long while, and have poems I’d like to post—ones that are on my submission lists or collections. I think it’s a great idea about removing the post. Very smart thought. Joyce


  • Tanushree Ghosh (Tanu) posted a status
    Continuing the passion for short stories - advocating unconventional works. When I started writing, I didn't have any knowhow of things that shouldn't be written - e...


  • Erin, you've already mentioned many of my favorite recent titles. I'm always drawn to the double-meaning, like Alice Munro's two short story collections, Who Do You Th...
  • What a wonderful question. Snooping through other people's book collections is one of my favorite activities. I'm in.
  • Hi Judith,  yes, the book is based on a collection of literally thousands of letters both to and from my subject, Ona Simaite. The letters span 1932-1970, and were sca...