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    ...rew Ayahuasca can help you to see these dimensions, but it also allows you to see this 3D reality with a soft eye. Suddenly you feel the depth of colours, the softness of a cat, the h...
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  • love the 'shit brown' - attention to detail, colours, 'tight smile'... great stuff, Bonnie.
  • Last reply by Deborah Armstrong plough that field or harvest the corn. Weather determines so much in rural life. What is the weather of autumn like in your area?   The autumn colours seem to inspire me to write m...
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  • Kevin Camp commented on her article Dry Drunk, Part 2
    ...ronto, Montreal or Vancouver, and, to a lesser degree, Ottawa. I'm in Ottawa regularly, and really enjoy the mixed bag of languages and different colours of people and faiths. Our mul...
  • Duct tape and wire ties are now in a multitude of colours, including pinks.  Duct tape and wire ties are a man's secret and something all women need in all colours.  At least we will match to the decor.
  • ...writing - and a chance to speak English, your French is really going to improve, by necessity :) and your poems are going to be enriched with new colours, sounds, tastes and learnings...