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  • I read a book. I keep a sheet of paper nearby and when my brain is in read mode, I get ideas about what to write....
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    This is what I don't understand. How does one become a writer? And when do you bec...leave in due time. If that doesn't work, try the toilet, or in French, ca'mode. Toilet or Ca'mode means to refresh the body, wh...
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  • hi, I'm in 'design' mode as well, on my third blog: A Woman's Page. It's got 'code' which I don't k...eas: Get Paid to Write on and I'm in cleaning mode today, on little break now, s...


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    Joanna Torrey posted a status
    I am a fiction and nonfiction writer, eager to find a community of writers for support in the writing process and an exchange of ideas
  • Naima Qi posted a status
    It's time for me to get back to my writing. I've been neglecting it for too long. I have so many ideas and stories in me and it's time to let them out.
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    I changed my email address a couple of years ago. Now I cannot log in here with my correct email because this edit function does not allow me to change/edit my email a...


  • I believe that part of the problem lies in the perception of the issue as a "block." I...ur subconscious, which happens more easily when the brain is in a more relaxed mode.
  • Hi Nora, Yes!!! great ideas.
  • After several attempts at joining a writing group and leaving it, I have finally found a circle of writers that I trust to read what I've written and to critique it in...