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  • I used to review writing books as a part time gig. It was fun and I got some free writing books. My favorites are, in no particular order: 1) How to Publish Your Arti...
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    A group of women have taken on the task of hosting a challenge that examines and celebrates women in literature and non-fiction. There are 3 levels of participation. T...
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  • Hi Lesley-Anne, I applaud you for stating your true heart felt beliefs. I think its sad that in today's world, people of all belief systems are sometimes afraid to sta...


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    Hello to you! I hope you and yours are well! I love the fact that we have things in common and that we have the right to express our individuality. Make this lifetime great! Timika
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    A Trilogy with Romance and Suspense: Book Giveaway September 1 – 14! I will choose TEN WINNERS for this contest. The Winner will have a choice of an E-BOOK or an AUDIO...
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  • Hi Emily, Don't be scared and keep writing. What you're seeing is a culmination of rel...lusive in retail book chains because they still operate in this Depression Era mode. Support your libraries in an...
  • Sian - as someone who grew up in a home full of addiction and all the dysfunction that...mpanies it, I get that instinctive urge to label your feelings as "whiny brat" mode, but I think your points are...
  • Deborah, I've been thinking a lot about a writing buddy. Writing partners are very common in Hollywood, but for novelists not as much. In terms of the order of my process, no special order. Sometimes the sobbing comes before the chocolate, sometimes after. always comes. LOL