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  • Hello, my name is AnnaBeth, and I am very excited about this group. I love these shorter forms of writing. I like the idea of having to be so succinct and compact and...
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    Novel Marketing Ideas by Marcia Fine I'm open to all suggestions other than gun shops and shooting ranges. And, don't tell my mother about the crazy tights I'm wearin...
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  • Started by Rachel Resnick
      Les Lavandes Villa, Ramatuelle/St. Tropez, France Dear Writers:   Ready for a minutes! Reading/performance is an increasingly crucial skill for modern-day authors. Plus it’s a gr...
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  • Pamela, After our initial bad start (that TV commercial should have taught me never to respond when people say or ask something about pants making their behind look f...
  • I agree with some of your points but on some of them, the perspective is more from an author than really investigating possibilities 20 years from now. Yes, the book w...
  • Exactly. All good writers should have that compact (in my opinion)--mystery, romance, commercial, lit, YA--all of us should meet it.