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  • I just joined She Writes. Yours is an excellent business. In the long run, that pricing model could wind up doing far more damage than the model it replaced.The Journal piec...or publishers with their antiquated pricing models: Amazon is already eating i...
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    When I embarked on this journey to writing, I felt so alone because no one would "show me the way." Today, I am grateful because I was not fed fish, but I learned to f...
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    I need opinions on my pitch and wondered if any of you might have some suggestions. I'm fairly new so if I've done this wrong don't massacre me. Kara’s boyfriend, Pha...
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  • Interesting way to put it, Gerry. You are explaining why perhaps Stein had such a natural way of recognizing and embracing what the earliest Cubists were doing, because she was already doing something comparable! Everybody, me included, is usually thinking it was the other way around.
  • I knew that Stein's writing was comparable to Picasso's painting but now I understand the comparison. You make this so clear and you continue to educate me, Renate!
  • Good information, DU. Thank you. I get mildly offended when a man asks if what I write is "chick lit." But, not having a defined category such as mystery, I usually sa...