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    Does anyone use this website? I have had an account there for over a year now but have never used it because it seems so complicated. I was just curious if anyone here use it.
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  • Hi. I never get any response to any email. I would go to the Getting started link above and then follow the Upload content section. You can find an upload your video h...
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    Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a project that will give the reader an interactive reading experience and would love feedback from authors and publishers. We wil...
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  • Julie Ryan McGue posted a status
    Touched By Adoption More On Rejection & Some Advice About Coping In a recent a...e eased with an apology or a good night’s sleep. Just like minor slights, moderate hurts – like sharing a co...
  • I R
    Irene Roth posted a status
    The Farm By George Benda This is an eye-opening and p...wake up in time to keep our civil liberties and our modern life as we knew it intact?...for everyone who is worried about the state of our modern world and is ready to take...
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    Deconstructing Dark Romance, (Exploring the darker side of human nature in fiction) What is dark romance? That was a question I was asked recently. For me as a...


  • Bridget, I clicked on your name so I could thank you for your welcome and I was so surprised when I saw the topic you were blogging about. I've also been thinking abou...
  • Thanks so much for looking at the site and giving me your impressions, Rachel. Regarding the name change, it wasn't that I decided to use a different name for journali...
  • Becky, I like The Review Review! Thanks for the link. I like your list of considerations, some of which are complicated questions to ask ourselves about our goals as writers.