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    hey SheWrites ladies... I just thought I'd send you all a note to share my experience fundraising using for my book. My book, which is narrative nonfi...
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    I posted this before but I'm trying to get more information of interactive e-book publishers? One member here offer Vook. Anyone knows of any others? I'm looking for a...
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  • this is a link for changing your word document into EPUB.Its free. Hope it helps someone.


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    Guidelines for Oxford Citation Style Students who have to use oxford writing format for the first time tend to take help from the oxford referencing generator tools....


  • I've never attempted a novel but for the few short stories I've written, I make an outline of scenes that I'm imagining will be included. Then, as I write, I change th...
  • Thought-provoking post, thank you. For me that one thing, when it comes to writing, has two components: it must be something I am excited about, a topic or theme or ch...
  • Thanks for sharing this very informative and inspiring interview. I especially enjoyed Jefferson's take on the future of the newspapers and the commitment to do good w...