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  • ...hem could be a victim of mistaken identity and dealt with as such if by some misfortune they are in the wrong place at the wrong time (like a rap concert) mixed with an element outsid...
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    ...k Mothers Thankfully, my sons are grown. The youngest is in his early twenties, works and is still at home.  Last Friday night he attended a rap concert that ended at 10:00pm. Althou...
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    ...irth years.I was in love with his bad boy image and at one point I thought we were having out of body sex. I was so adamant that when I went to a concert of this famous boy band the m...
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  • ...he or she reveals they are a writer. Business book writers go over well at educational events, as opposed to...let's say... backstage at a music concert.  That said, and CONGRATULATI...
  • Sheila, thank you! Yes, me too, I thought if was pretty funny that people would bring rotten veggies to a concert! And I lived in Italy. I love Italians and I always found them to be a very empathetic, caring people. The veggies must have something to do with their "dark" side!
  • Thank you for sharing your heartaches and triumphs in writing and in life in such a short piece.  Your questioning of why the audience carried fruit and vegetables to an opera concert was humourous.