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  • Started by Chelise Stroud
    Before exchanging manuscripts, or accepting a draft to read, it is important to get th...g the issue PRIVATE and off the boards.  I am pretty strict about this, having moderated several online groups. ...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    As far as installing HVAC thermostats is concerned, the larger the system is doesn’t always mean the better it is. To be honest, some systems that are too large for a...
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  • Started by Ashley F. Miller
    Last reply by Ginger McKnight-Chavers
    I got a call from this guy yesterday, he talked to me for a while, wants to read my script, but he also wants me to pay him $600 dollars to do so. That's crazy right?...
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  • I liked reading your post. I love conducting research. You are so right about people being a part of research. Their personal stories add depth to the historical facts. I
  • Love this post by Gwendolyn Plano and appreciate all the comments.  While my adult/married life has had its shares of ups and downs (mostly ups), my mother had a very...
  • If anyone is remotely interested, I applied (sent a short story in by email, no fee) a...y hitters attending, and if your work is in any way related to America and her modern wars, the conference sounds...