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    There is lot that you do not know but happening surrounding you. Know more to discover...
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    Let's connect locally, or regionally… if you live anywhere in the interior of British...
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    Looking to connect with more writers in my area, and on a broader scale, in my country!
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    A forum for Scottsdale, AZ SheWrites to connect and share local information.
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    It's important for us teenage writers to connect! Anyone under twenty can join....
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    I want to help connect former amish together. We are open to anyone who wants to join. 
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  • Maureen Callahan Smith posted a status
    Excited to come up for air from the long path to publishing and to connect with fellow women writers and readers! NOW I have time to randomly read again!
  • Melanie Votaw posted a status
    Hi, there! I love to connect with other writers, and I especially love helping nonfiction book authors finish their books and get them out into the world.
  • Kimberly Oswald posted a status
    This is my first time joining a writing community, looking for fellowship and feedback. I write historical fiction. Eager to connect up with other authors.


  • Hi, I enjoyed your article. I was wondering if you know why many of us are unable to connect with She Writes to write new articles?
  • H.C. Hippolyte commented on Hyba's article An Introduction
    Im new here as well and have the same intention as you. I want to write, finish, and publish a book and I am looking to connect with other writers in the hopes of growing and giving and gaining feedback.
  • .... It's finding others like this right now who function in a similar space that help us constantly overcome this fear. Thank you! I am so glad to connect with each of you here....than...