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    I sat next to a warm fire and my BFF, Noelle Alix, amidst a roomful of women last night at Renbrook School in West Hartford, CT to hear a distinguished panel of writer...
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  • Hi Sarah. I use my own name. I have a web site that is both for acting and writing, so I want others to know who I am and what projects I am working on/have worked on...
  • I attended the Surrey International Writers Conference in Surrey BC several years ago with a group of friends from my writing group, and it was a very worthwhile, eye-...


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    I haven't been very active on here since I got the account. Honestly there is so much content I found it a bit overwhelming. However, a new season in life has begun an...
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  • Thanks a lot Tanya for the words vs moving pictures' truth.  Oops! you let the cat out of the bag.  Yes, writers are introverts.  Good luck on May 8.  Butterfly Rising...
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    Thanks for your comment, Kathryn. I appreciate the connections here as well.
  • You're so right about the value of journal writing! I have done it since age 13, when I had an impossible crush on a boy, and I still do it (though not every day) if I...