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  • I actually don't want to direct, I have a director in mind (although I'm open to whatever it takes to get it made). I'd love to picture edit, which is what I do curren...
  • To be totally honest with you, I have only recently come to have a quasi-balanced relationship with rejection. I'm not happy about it, but I understand its purpose now...
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    Do you have a plan for your social networking activity? It really can help you feel more in control of the often-overwhelming amount of networking sites out there. Sin...
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    I haven't been very active on here since I got the account. Honestly there is so much content I found it a bit overwhelming. However, a new season in life has begun an...
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  • The word #Occupy has become an incredibly powerful meme, repeating and echoing with elasticity. We are part of a moment that is huge and it's linked to words that resonate.
  • What a gracious and big-hearted offer.  I accept!  Thank you for the generosity of your support.  Writers definitely have a a solitary journey and I need the social connections to keep me (and my fledgling blog ADDled and my essay submissions and my MFA . . .) going. Thank you!!
  • Diane, It's a political mystery that I'm still working on called OINK! It's set in a land grant university (the body is found in the hog barn) and is about tensions be...