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    If shaving your back is a priority, then you should be able to. However, it's...
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    One of the most fascinating advancements in the world of radiopharmaceutical...
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  • Thank you, Lauren and Hanne, for your've both hit on some important points. Along those lines, I'm sharing, below, a paragraph from the intro of my boo...
  • Started by Hollye Dexter
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    Hi All, Just wondering what the general consensus is for online writing groups? Is it a good idea? Are there any you would recommend? I am writing a memoir, also write...
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  • Started by Adriana Ryan
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    Over the cover art, I mean. To be honest, I think most of the e-publishers have really cheesy-looking cover art. I'm not sure why this is; you'd think they'd want to i...
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  • Hello Monica, New writer publishing a memoir. The subject matter interests me from the perspective of developing coping mechanisms and self-care skills for memoir writers. I worked in various aspects of child welfare services and have some ideas about the subject. Looking forward to the discussion.


  • Dawn Downey commented on her article Happy Thanksgiving?
    Lada, Thanks for your comment. Lately, I've read a number of things about Thanksgiving and there's no consensus at all about what the heck really is behind it, althoug...
  • Hi Meriah! If you friend me on Facebook, I would have to add you to the group since it's private AND secret. You won't find it by searching. That's one of the protecti...
  • I attended a panel discussion on the future of publishing sponsored by the Women's National Book Assn. recently and the consensus of the presenters was that the agent'...