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    Survivor Chronicles is a small independent publication dedicated to trauma release, healing and survival. We are mostly a poetry magazine, but also invite short fictio...
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    I've received 5 rejection emails so far. Here are the basics to the query I sent out with a small specific intended for each agent I researched. Is there anything I ne...
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    Hi everyone.  Any ideas on my query letter (below) are deeply appreciated.  I've reworked this a bit with the help of some writer-friends and mentors, but I'm told it...
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  • Yes, it's been 37 years now, we were both in secondary school, I remember being at my desk in Form 3 (Year 9) scribbling a letter on a lettergram.  I got your Christma...
  • For what this might  be worth to others, here's what I just...arketing and personal appearances, the book has had modest sales by us directly in the...d our actual sales, including via Amazon, have been modest) in order to work further o...
  • Hello Elizabeth! You wrote an excellent post. I congratulate you on the publication of While the Gods Were Sleeping. I consider my family and my friends and acquaintan...