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    Dear writer friends, I'm excited to be starting a writer's salon/writer's circle in Kelowna, British Columbia. Although I can certainly wade my way through and try my...
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  • Started by Ruth Madison
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    My critique group has been meeting for about a year, once a month, in D.C., and we're losing some members who are going to MFA programs in other states.  Here is the a...
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  • Started by Rhian Williams
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    Hi, I'm new to the horror group, and am hoping for a little help. A favour really. I have a short story, around 6000 words, and really need someone to go over it for m...
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  • Electric shocks.  Lighting bolts.  What electrifies me usually has the impact of the aforementioned, rather than a sensitive, gentle experience of being lit.   So what...
  • @ Reese  Thanks for commenting. :) I think constructive is the main word here.  I'm all for making my work more insightful.  I'm glad to know that I am not the only on...
  • Caroline Bock commented on her article BOOK TRAILERS ARE TRICKY
    Nissi... I think there's a difference between what I mean by "amateur" and having a raw, indie, even unpolished look that is intentional.  I think that as long as it's...