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  • UCLA Extension "The largest open enrollment writing and screenwriting program in the nation" Writers Boot Camp Screenwriting program to kick start your script
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  • Hi: Just fyi, my article ran today at the Women's Media Center site: From Media Blitz to Women’s Conference: Has Maria Shriver Discerned a Watershed Moment? A Time m...
  • I fear that I did not sign on to Na NoWri Mo in the correct place.  I think I inadvertantly hit a wrong key yesterday as I am not seeing the site come up when I start...


  • Tanushree Ghosh (Tanu) posted a status
    Continuing the passion for short stories - advocating unconventional works. When I started writing, I didn't have any knowhow of things that shouldn't be written - e...


  • Great tips -- I agree with most all of them, and I love that we are all continuing to have this conversation. Just as you noted in your post, the blog comments that resonated most with me were Lisa Preston's "Who are we immortalizing....?"
  • I appreciate the input, but having had an agent (in NYC) who worked with me for about a year on my proposal and circulating it, she was prevented by illness from conti...
  • Although I've already done some writing I am presently trying to get an outline of where I want to go with the book. I know I want some old picture, certificates, a map etc. included, but am wondering if I should go with Chapters or Parts 1 - 4. I'm also continuing my research.