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    Hey ladies - just throwing this own out there. I am always welcoming of any advice on improving my writing and I am wondering what the best writing advice you've ever...
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  • Thanks, Stephanie. It's improving: I've had 3 months of physio 3 times per week, now dropped to 2, and I have exercises I can do at home; but one of the side effects i...
  • <<When you make it, you need to give back, not to the point where you don't get any writing done yourself, but to the point where you're helping new writers get...


  • Honoring my Soul November 22, 2018 | Antonia Teresa Amore-Broccoli Monday November 19, 2018 The moon entered into bold, take charge and self-confident Air...
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    Middle-aged, fledgling writer. Looking forward to improving in the craft and meeting birds of a feather.
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    An astute Learning & Development professional with 14+ years of rich corporate experience, Rachana Arya has worked with top of the line organizations like Marriott...


  • I loved this blog post!  I have worked with Caroline Leavitt on three rounds of developmental editing and she is amazing!  Caroline got inside my head and made the evo...
  • Thanks Cate! I'm so glad you enjoyed the piece. I will be looking into the Ecoholic series. Right up my alley! Um...books are a food group? Well, who am I to argue. I'm all for improving my health. :)
  • Looking at the date, I realize I'm late. But never mind, the word needs to be continuously spread.