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    Having had my share of silly, odd, weird and wild online dating experiences, I thought I'd try collecting some from other women and compiling a book. Please post here if you'd like to discuss further! Rachel
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    Written a response to Meg's prompt and want feedback? Here's the place to get it! Want to read other responses to the prompt? Here's the place to do that too!   How to...
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    Senior Erotica Editor: Joan Price Publisher: Seal Press Deadline: February 1, 2012 (earlier submissions preferred) Payment: $100 on ac...
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  • Wow. I feel like I need to print out every one of these comments and fasten them to my inspiration wall. Thank you for your contributions and your wise advice about co...
  • A great anthology with many voices and all sales go directly to 2 charities helping real people in the Gulf region. As opposed to a news item I just saw about what the...
  • Really interesting post Julija. Unfortunately the world of literature and publishing is no different to the unequal treatment of women when it comes to women's words o...