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    A website is the front-face element of any business today, which can help to generate a more positive experience for both the customer and the company. If you're looki...
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    Trusting to find answers in their search for truth, your readers appreciate all your efforts to provide inspiration on their journey towards enlightenment. Please cons...
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    My husband will be holding a chat about ebook conversion. Please stop by :)   Feb 19, 2011 10:00 AM EST - Feb 19, 2011 12:00 PM ESTFree, no registration required.http:...
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  • Thank you everyone whose heart beats for Gertrude Stein, once again ridiculed, attacke...n. Will was a fervid Stein scholar who 11 years ago loved Stein in her book on modernism and genius. Then she had...
  • Hi. I enjoyed your pros and cons. I would like to add that anyone paying hundreds of dollars for conversion is being conned. And robbed. I have had great results from Ebook Launch, with each conversion costing around $50. I found them through Smashwords. Look for Mark's List on Smashwords. Cheers.
  • Overall I really enjoy Amazon. As an indie self pub author my first poetry book is out there called Bliss Pig. It must have arrived at Amazon through the diligence of...