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  • Started by Kamy Wicoff
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    Today, on our second anniversary, I am filled with memories about these last two years of She Writes. Deborah Siegel and I coined a term for the special kind of encoun...
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  • Rules are made to be broken. I publish my stuff whenever and wherever I like. If a zine or journal or publisher likes my stuff enough, they find a way to make it happe...
  • Started by Gina Frangello
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    Hi Chicago She Writers--   She Writes is trying to assess interest in a Chicago meet-up on June 29.  This could be a reading at a bookstore, some wine at a member's ho...
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  • Woo hoo! I'm so excited to be one of the new volunteer coordinators and look forward to working with Amber on making this a truly meaningful experience for all She Wri...