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    The simplest yet most extraordinary phrases are written from the heart and the...
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  • I just finished line edits, so I am in editing mode.  I spruced it up a bit (I think).  But, since you know the whole story, you will know if a word is not quite right....  Anyway, hope it h...
  • Hi everyone.  I'm new here, but Sara and I have been internet writing pals for several...the early phases of a new chapter of my life, and so am not in heavy literary mode these days, but I look forwar...
  • Hi Everyone  - I don't remember when I signed up with She Writes but I didn't start pa...lso new to a course like this.  What has drawn me to it is that I am in crisis mode right now.  I find it difficu...


  • Aimee Liu posted a status
    “Fiction is the art form of human yearning.” – Robert Olen Butler “We are living...Chief?) – does little to quell its effect on my psyche. I’m in fight-or-flight mode all the time, feeling angry a...
  • M A
    M A R Y N N posted a status
    I'm a teenage online author hoping to tell the stories raging up a storm in my heart.
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    Heart's Desire (3 Book Series): #MulticulturalRomance Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:


  • Deborah, I cried constantly from the first time I heard the news through Obama's speec...s. But when it's people I know personally and love deeply, I kick into 'brave' mode and remain solid as a rock, a...
  • I just posted about artist residencies on my site. I take every day here at home as my daily residency. I set aside hours. When the kids were little, I hired a sitter,...
  • This is a common problem with many self-published books -- grammatical errors, misspellings, self-invented punctuation. It drives me crazy.   Great post. Maybe if more people talked about this subject, self-published authors would take it to heart.