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    ...these methods, you still see the fat bulges there in your body. You would like to opt for a process that will reduce the fat deposits. There are cosmetic surgeries that can take off t...
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    ...p in casual conversation. At some point.    Point is, it's liposuction time. And I have no medical degree. The surgery will be a little more than cosmetic, as I need to drop it into th...
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  • ...r and were given a list of the likelihood that our beautiful child would develop serious problems.  It was frightening.  The problems ranged from cosmetic fibromas (tumors) through sev...
  • ...the only thing that makes my heart pump and raise goosebumps on my arm is the truth. I just love digging into some issue and pulling back all the cosmetic and political coverups and th...
  • ...he emotional and physical trauma you must have suffered, but I definitely understand that what we see on the surface of families in many cases is cosmetic, covering an expanse of scarr...