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    Hope you enjoy these! Prose Poems Indecision A Wildflower lying in the desert unsure Should she look to the light of the sun and Reach for something new or… Dig dee...
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  • Started by Kelley Harrell
    The Pupulator We are pleased to announce that the Cynocephali devotional, to be published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina, is now open for submissions. This anthology will...
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  • Laura, your post was hilarious! No hate mail here either! Actually, allowing dogs at our cabins is one of my pet peeves (pun intended) with our innkeeper. I get aggrav...


  • Darleen Pnrague posted a status
    Freelance Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant with a focus on SEO. I love writing tech related stuff while I drink my first coffee at 5 am. I also have 2 dogs that make my life complete.
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    Cedar Hawk Songmaker was born and lived all her life in Minneapolis. Yet she's never heard the music of ice breaking in the Mississippi River, and she’s seen just one...
  • Rose CG posted a message for Lynn Sawler
    I know what you mean. My dogs are wondering why we are not going for walks. On the brighter side, I am practicing my ThiChi online with Dr. Lim and shaping up with Jane Fonda. I just love all this free youtube stuff. Also, working on my poetry and a few stories. Take care, Rose


  • oh my! dogs to loan! I think that is hilarious! I don't worry about libraries however. People will always need the scent of books to feel more alive. My iPad doesn't provide that. My solution is to buy books of poetry, check out books of nonfiction, download fiction. Just seems to work for me.
  • Brooke, You misunderstand me. I DO think that indie writers need to adhere to higher e...rial services. So they pay but the book is of a high standard. It's a business model that works for you and for a...
  • Hello. What a great idea. My twitter handle is @joeytheblogdog (URL is Ill be tweeting about running (as in running), dogs, dogs that run, chocolate Labrador Retrievers, and relationships between dogs and humans. I'll also be tweeting about longevity.