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  • nurture and empower. It is like teaching each stroke to breath with the expression of my inner pen. It is like the stroke of the paint brush creating a master Piece that I have Bo...
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    ...the information section, you can add details about your profession a well as attach a resume that will further expound on your skills. In creating a LinkedIn profile, you need...
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    ...feelings–it’s normal to feel sadness and grief; Reach out for support if you feel lonely or isolated; Be realistic about expectations and open to creating new traditions; Set aside dif...
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    ...his advice comes from years of experience. His unique perspective on creating ideas has been tried and test...t will challenge your thinking and put you on the best-foot-forward to creating that new business. This guid...
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    ...ns and links easy to click is leaving some whitespace around them. Load Times This is something that should always be on your mind when you’re creating a mobile landing page. People...
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    So i finally decided to turn on the writing lights again ... and begin to follow others who are involved in creating a memoir ... now that i am probably in the 'elder' stage i feel the need to share some lessons through memoir ... and discuss with others this process


  • ...then I realized it would also be a great time to start thinking about/ creating my new side hustle/business,...ling, self reflection exercises etc. I am honing my writing skills AND creating a side-business. Keeps the ju...
  • ...nized is something that I love to do, but it really takes a lot of time away from the actual writing. I can spend hours working on worldbuilding, creating sections in my worldbuilding...
  • Great story writing analysis. I'll keep this show in mind while creating my fictional characters. Lots here that makes the show a success. I love the throwback aspect of it. I don't even care for science fiction normally :)