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    Would love any/all input and advice on finding an agent sans connections and credentials?   Much thanks and happy writing! My best, Marit
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  • Started by Nicolia
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    Hi! I'm glad to be here! I honestly didn't think I would get accepted into 'She Writes' because I don't have a bunch of professional credentials behind my name. So I w...
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  • Vanitha: Hi ! I am a professional writer/editor and started my own business in 2003. I learned a lot in the first few years that I am not able to go into here. It's ju...


  • Laurie Levin posted a status
    Call Me A Woman Please When I turn 18 will you call me a woman? If not, when I am 21, 30 or maybe 50? How old must I be before you call me a woman? If I become...


  • Thanks for this post! I'm working on my v.first nonfiction proposal and other than the help I have from a recently published nonfiction author (whose second book is du...
  • I kind of interpret Mr. Levin's article as somewhat tongue and cheek, especially the f...tand this and I don't envy them their predicament. However, with this business model, you have to admit that like...
  • What a great way to look at blogging! There have been a few blogs that have turned me off because of their strong authoritative attitude combined with a lack of credentials. Confidence is great, but there is a line, and crossing that line isn't going to build an audience.